CoBloWriMo #9-BIG Project

12 thoughts on “CoBloWriMo #9-BIG Project”

      1. All done between Christmas and the end of April, as per the rules. It was intense, but very rewarding! If I hadn’t had the plan I would never have got it all together so effectively.


    1. Thank you! I’m normally very impulsive, and the discipline of this [including deadlines] paid off. I didn’t manage to stick to it this year though, I ran out of steam halfway through!


    1. Oh that ruddy soutache! It took forever, cos I chickened out of doing it on the machine, and sewed the lot by hand. Miles of it! Some of those fabrics were so wonderful to work with. Both green jackets were high quality stuff from Italian Textiles on eBay, one of my favourites.


  1. I remember going through this with you in ‘another place’. It was fantastic achievement and great to see the photos again.

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