CoBloWriMo #10-Visual Source

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  1. I love utilising separates and combine-able things in my so far very modest costuming output, and I definitely can’t afford new fabric all the time but still want (and even need for health reasons) good fabric, so I think I’m with you on the boat of not necessarily wanting to have a new outfit for every event, even though the things we make are very diffierent!
    I’ve become a bit more indepth over the years, but still nowhere near some people’s levels; I also just do this for fun and because it interests me.
    And yes, Pinterest’s search function is hopeless. 😛 I often discover new things on Pinterest by Google-searching… or randomly because I’m following someone/Pinterest suggests something to me. Plus I try to avoid Pins that lead nowhere, or to a Tumblr/blog that leads nowhere (with the exception of fashion plates, mostly) – I like knowing where images come from, and museum pages often include more info than the Pinners do include in their descriptions!

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    1. I was late coming to Pinterest, but I do only use it as a mood board, it doesn’t draw me in the way that random blog-link following and googling do! I’m currently letting myslef be quite random in following urges to make this or that, but no serious costume project is suggesting itself right now. Just some silly bits and bobs, and some ‘normal’ clothes for work.


  2. Pinterest is a great resource but I do get more out of it by following people that I know rather than the search function. 200 pics of instagramer-style is to really my thing. I do have a good few boards of vintage inspiration and a lot of corsets pinned. Total thief of time though. I am off to stalk your boards (that sounds so wrong). 🙂 Xx

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