What’s a pi-rate? About 3.14 m/s

20 thoughts on “What’s a pi-rate? About 3.14 m/s”

  1. Fish fingers , bubble bath, Johnny Depp and Victoria Holt that’s all I can see. As for the grammar ‘They’re (pirates or the grammar would work) costumes are wot I would of chosen. :-}}


      1. Darn it -wasn’t even a steel maker moment. Too many references to my younger days I guess. Probably it was something only I went through! Knew I was odd. Great pirate work.

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      2. I think I pieced it together in the end- I’d forgotten about the few Victoria Holt novels I ever read! I just hope my aging bones let me get away with my glamorous high heeled over-the knee boots…carpet slippers are so NOT pirate.

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  2. DF strikes again with fabulous outfit. As for the puns !!!! I was just thinking – I know wrong thing for me, I’m a bit surprised that you aren’t permanently bruised the amount of stuff that has jumped out and hit you when you’ve gone fabric shopping.

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    1. I’m black and blue, I tell you! The Rag Market, Barry’s and Fancy Silks form a sort of fabric Bermuda triangle…you just get sucked in! And then of course, I rarely move from my PC, so there’s all the online temptation too. Terrible.

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  3. I am totally gutted to be missing Asylum this year due to my husband just having had surgery and not being able to manage the Steep Hill. 😦 But I’m hoping for a repeat of the New Year’s ball – he better be fit by then!! 🙂

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  4. I never really saw the connection between pirates and Steampunk. Still who ever needs the slightest excuse to dress up as a pirate. Not me that’s for sure. 🙂 I went to work last Halloween dressed as a pirate, complete with leather over the knee boots, brocade waistcoat and big shirt (both made from Simplicity 4923) and a feathered pirate hat with Swarovski skull and cross bones on. I had my job appraisal the same day. It was totally surreal and I managed to answer at least one question with “Arrrrrgh” so it was all good. I absolutely love the fabric choices and what you have done with the pattern. It always makes me wonder why more costume patterns don’t include at least an option for a lining. No reason not to turn costumes into better constructed things and the time some of them take to sew they would be better worn more than once. I am so excited to see this on. We want pics. Xx

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    1. Just got to get the skirt waistband on. I keep veering between various trying-to-reduce-bulk options, and may sort of semi sunray,- semi-cartridge-pleat it . Oh I don’t know, I will still look fat! I think if the coat had not been princess-seamed, or had a fastening, I might have forgone the lining, but it would have looked so CRAPPY without. I need to do several photo shoots for finished items actually, and have been waiting for better weather. Very soon, I promise!


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