CoBloWriMo #24-Unexpected Source

11 thoughts on “CoBloWriMo #24-Unexpected Source”

      1. Sounds absolutely wonderful. I will lookout for one of your meet ups. Is there a reasonbly priced hotel nearby?


      2. There are quite a lot-all the usual chains in the city centre, plenty of B&Bs further out. There’s a popular cheapy place right by the markets themselves in fact…Travelodge I think, although there are cheaper small places.


  1. Oh my. Those fabulous fabrics and your outfits are brilliant. That 10-gore skirt s such a great shape. It looks very swishy. I have got to get myself across now that it is only about an hour away. Keep saying that but nearly every free weekend is spent in Scotland. I am loving all those beautiful buttons. Xx

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    1. Everybody who visits is blown away by the lovely habby [and the cheap cheap fabric] The 10 gore skirt is just lovely, very elegant, and so nice to wear without all the faff of hoops and bustles. Definitely my favourite era


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