Chatsworth House Style

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  1. I saw this earlier this year. I could have spent hours looking at it all. I agree about the chapel lighting – it was also difficult to find the laminated sheets saying what the exhibits were in that room. But overall wonderful.

    I want to say the pink layered dress is Christopher Kane but I have a nagging feeling I’m wrong.

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  2. Oh wow, awesome! Brilliant escapism. Too bad the lighting was an issue in places. The idea of a wedding gown with huge buttons with Winnie the Pooh scenes embroidered on is totally darling. What a brilliant idea, I guess he was most important for the bride as she grew up. Maybe I should make myself a dress with Moomin buttons? Or possible something not so hyped up. (I love them the same, but they’ve become so mainstream and most haven’t even read the books). The coat that you managed to get a grey shot of has lovely lines, and the hat is amazing. I have no idea who the designer is for the dress with the big bows. Who is it?

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  3. You look amazing in that pic, like a throwback from the past, hats really suit you. I’ve never been to Chatsworth the exhibition looks good, all those details on a fancy dress, they certainly took their parties seriously.


  4. Surely it would be satisfying for you to dress a la steampunk all the time? And you would have the total attention of your students.

    And what a fun outing, I am very envious. Also about the Winnie the Pooh buttons…..


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