Rhodes to New Wear

20 thoughts on “Rhodes to New Wear”

  1. We’re on a road to nowhere feels like the perfect soundtrack right now. It’s election night, and it seems the conservatives and ultra right wing will stay. *weeps* The selfish crowd, the tax cut for the wealthiest crowd, the fear mongering and we-don’t-give-a-damn-about-others crowd. *sniffle*
    So, disappearing into my fave blogs is nice escapism. I can’t deal with this other stuff yet.


  2. I just saw this pattern on Vogue yesterday. Though not really my style, I like the pattern. Saw your finish coat at PR and came over to read more about the sewing journey. I too play pointless Facebook games, right now I am obsessed with Criminal Cases. Sometimes mindless is perfect for a stress break as is sewing!

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    1. Ah criminal case! One of my fvourites [I usually have three on the go so that when I run out of lives I just switch to another daft game while it fills up again] I like the really dull ‘find the object’ games too. They do calm me when I’m stressed, and I like a sort of flatline state for when I sew!


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