Even more Mizono action…V1312 again

24 thoughts on “Even more Mizono action…V1312 again”

  1. Wow. Fantastic. A nice treat after all that work on the stunning wedding dress. I love this Mizono dress. I’ve made five of them. Definitely one to return to. I like all Mizono patterns and wish Vogue would do more of them.

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      1. I dare say those who seem it dated/too harsh just dont have the energy to carry it. They look fabulous in those mousy colours we disappear in. Because I bet you’re a 4 in the “dress right for your type” system, as I am. A bold and beautiful woman. *nods*

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      2. lol, no idea, I just wear and make what I fancy. I had noticed that I had no red clothes left bar one old dress though, so I decided to add some more in. I have to watch the shade, that orange-y red would be dreadful near my face, but it’s good as a skirt. Bold and beautiful, I like that lol


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