A rose window by any other name…

12 thoughts on “A rose window by any other name…”

  1. That cape thingie is utterly gorgeous. It is so dramatic and looks super swishy in a Disney evil queen sort of way. I love it and your plans. The fabrics are gorgeous. Thank you for the link to the Cathedral Squares quilting tutorial. I have an absolute ton of little bits of fabrics and never know what to do with them. This looks like it would make up some lovely cushions. Xx

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    1. It’s surprisingly easy for such an intricate look.I just worked out I can sew three black blocks in about 45 minutes [did I say that in the post? I’m tired now!] I just did half a dozen more. It would be pretty easy to have a pack of them pressed ready to stitch, and just take them wherever, as you can just stitch away without much ado, Adding the colours takes more care [and light!] It’s growing quickly enough for a new project though. I think I should probably do some maths to see how big the pieces should be…


  2. That gold lace fabric is gorgeous. Haha Fairy joins the dark side, well you do like hand sewing and what better way than with Cathedral window. It looks lovely in the sari fabric. I did a quilt a couple of years ago so know what it entails.

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