Rhodes to New Wear

Groan. So, Vogue 1561 by Zandra Rhodes.  The colours made this one jump out at me, and it does have a rather Tilton-esque, art teacher chic thing going on don’t you think?  Anyhow, I bought it on impulse, despite the fact that jackets don’t figure much in my lifestyle any more, because I get too … Continue reading Rhodes to New Wear

Lady Garden

Or Garden Lady.  Not sure which works better lol Remember this lovely floral embroidered net?  Another eBay find, just over a fiver per metre, so I ordered three…then found it all came as separate metres, which flummoxed me for a while.  As is usually the case with this sort of panel/border design, the pattern goes … Continue reading Lady Garden

Nellie the Elephant

You’ve seen the fabric, you saw the pattern…and then I just forgot to actually wear the thing and take some pics.  Ladies and Gentlefolk, I bring you my elephant dress! Style Arc ‘Rowe’s Tunic’, a PDF download- I like V necks, I need some T shirts, I couldn’t ignore it.  The fabric was another impulse … Continue reading Nellie the Elephant