I really, really , really wanna…

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  1. Nice! A pinstriped camel biker jacket. Love it. It’s a colour that would kill me, but which I guess Dawn will look fabulous in. Looking forward to more pics!
    Btw, do you have any experience with lekala patterns? I’m dithering. My son needs a new winter jacket, and he’s so tall and skinny and I don’t feel like doing a ton of pattern adjustments…

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    1. Lol it’s just the chalk lines for the stitching on the yoke, not full pinstripes! [Although that’s an idea if this one works out] I haven’t tried Lekala, but hear great things about them. ‘Thornberry’ uses them a lot on her blog

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  2. AArgh! I hated the Spice Girls too. They were utter mince. I LOVE this pattern and have been ogling it for ages as I would love to make a few bike jackets however I am a bit scared of the fact the instructions are so sparse. Good luck. Hope that it sews up like a dream. The fabrics are gorgeous. Xx

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    1. The instructions are sparse, but they have lots and lots of mini tutes on their site now, so you can suss most things out. Newer pattern instructions have improved with lots of clear diagrams


  3. You know I’ve made this twice? Still a favourite to throw on over whatever because it’s a biker jacket and I can.
    What happens is….you don’t make a jacket, you sew two sleeves, then a front, at some point a back, when you are inclined you sew a collar and then just put them all together… much easier that way.
    Can’t wait to see yours and now you’ve got me hankering for another…

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    1. THE POCKETS!! THE POCKETS”!” I just followed the bloody instructions, trimmed, understitched blah…and it doesn’t even mention the fookin zips. Go to t’net and there are tutes a plenty of course….BUT I’M PEEVED

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