Zig Style!

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  1. Here’s a stab in the dark solution: perhaps the movement problem in the sleeve is because the armhole is too low? If so, a solution might be to add a gusset in the underarm. Think an American football shaped piece going width-wise under the arm to add more fabric to the underarm.

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    1. I fitted the armhole to be fairly high and relatively close to the body [it is a jacket after all] I might try reducing the sleeve head a bit on the next fitting, and also rotating it a tad. It’s a nice width for her biceps [she has good arms from working out] so I can’t tweak an more out. She also has a very broad back so I don’t want to mess with the armhole really, it looks OK to me without the sleeve. I get what you mean with the gusset, but I’ll have to see what fabric is available [if any] Thanks!


  2. Glad Style Arc were so responsive. No bright ideas about your fittting conundrum I’m afraid. Sleeves are my nemesis. None of my (many) fitting books seem to address mobility issues. I don’t care if it looks perfect I just want to be able to move dammit 🙂


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