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  1. Is it cruel of me to say “I love hearing about you undoing a perfectly good seam?” I spent a good deal of yesterday doing just that. While working on some Seminole Patchwork for a charity auction I thought the blue striped squares were wrong so I took them out. Later when I was hopelessly confused about the pattern of the patchwork with all the blue squares I asked my husband to check the layout. His verdict? I was missing all the blue striped squares! ARGH!

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    1. Yep we all do it, reversing fabric right side/wrong side is my usual cos my eyesight is rubbish and I’m slapdash! This stuff looks very similar, only difference is the thickness of the rib spacing on each side! Evil.


  2. First, I love the look of that jacket (I’m with you in the post-meno stuff, so I hope you can whip it off quickly), but that fabric! Way beyond me. Way beyond me.

    The ripping out stitches twice would have done me in (would have done in a bottle of wine, too). You have far more talent and patience than I, I’ll tell you that!

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    1. Well it’s all looking a bit wavy along the seams [very ribby fabrics always do that I find] but should [I hope] look OK when worn. I got the front facing on, but I think I will hand understitch rather than cause more stretching with machining it. Then to tackle the potential evil of a double layer of merino jersey for the sleeves…what was I thinking?


  3. First of all, I can’t even imagine sewing such a fabric. And unpicking, I do believe, requires lots of swearing. And laughing, because what else can you do? Cry? NO! And hooray for natural fibers, your jacket will be wonderful!

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