Kiss and Mac up!

Grrrrrooooaaaan. Well the rest of the coat was easy enough, even though I tortured myself by doing felled seams which will be completely hidden by the lining, because, I guess, more waterproof?  Dunno.  My usual slipshod topstitching, meh, whatever that’s why I don’t go for contrast!  Some of the tightly curved seams were a bitch … Continue reading Kiss and Mac up!

Frilled to Bits!

I got it! The bay of E did it again, and I have my natty new pattern winging its way from the US… Think I may dig out the rest of this purple taffets and see how much I haveleft. Could work, what do you think? There’s also some of the lilac.  I think it … Continue reading Frilled to Bits!

Annual Round Up-2017

Whew!  That year went by in a flash! I’ve trawled through all my blog posts, and counted them all up month by month.  Not surprisingly, June and July are a bit sparse with all the exam marking taking up my free time, and August was chock-full because I did the CoBloWriMo challenge and posted every … Continue reading Annual Round Up-2017