Hell for Leather-look

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  1. It looks far more contemporary made up in your fabric and I like the knitted sleeve effect whereas the pattern envelope design wouldn’t register on my radar. Iirc Eskandar is an offshoot of Oska, they use linen and heavy cotton fabrics made up in the
    Lagenlook style. Eileen Fisher’s designs may be too plain to engage you for very long, but they fit the Swap brief perfectly, I like them but can’t afford them, they’re eyewateringly expensive for what they are (simple shapes) although to be fair the fabrics are lovely.

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    1. I wouldn’t be directly copying [or channelling] either, but their styles appealed more at first glance than the other suggestions for inspiration that were named. I liked the way they used colours and prints though, and the actual shapes will be ones that suit me- no fashion victim here lol. As for ‘design’, well, let’s see if I can make anything of my mathematically-linked ‘theme’ first. The rest will be in forcing myself to stay within stash as much as possible


    1. Thank you! I’m getting very into making things form two or more fabrics leftover from stash. Very satisfying- I hate refashioning and alteration, but this gives me the same feeling of smugness lol


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