Narrowing Down my Choices…

9 thoughts on “Narrowing Down my Choices…”

  1. I’m blaming you for everything. Ever since you first mentioned SWAP18 on your blog I haven’t been able to think of anything else ! I’m definitely going to give it a go but in the meantime I’m loving your workings out, that Maths fabric is wonderful.

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  2. I love your pattern and fabric choices, wish some of your style would rub off on me and I simply do not have the stamina or disicpline to do a SWAP. Re earlier discussions I too always cut my patterns, only time I trace (rarely) is from a Burda magazine pattern. I also always do tailor tacks, a peaceful task when watching tv. I have come unstuck just snipping fabric, too small they get lost, too deep they can cross the stitching line, urge.

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    1. lol- discipline? me? Not really, I only try the SWAP because it forces me to adopt more sensible habits for a short period of time. Last year I opted out, but Dawn still got the wondrous coat and some shirts out of it, and the other fabrics are still there to be used…when I crack the perfect trouser toile for her. One day. You see? No discipline!


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