Desperately Seeking V8858!

15 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking V8858!”

    1. indeed- I only found one review on PR [very brief] and one other that said she had started it- directed to her blog, then abandoned the project. Maybe thta’s why it’s OOP? Too impractical for us all? Meh, I LOVE it and may even have enough fabric already in [it’s a hog apparently]

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  1. Hi Fairy, if you phone Butterick Uk they may have the odd one floating around. I have phoned looking for a discontinued pattern twice, once I was lucky and they had one, the other I was unlucky and they’d sold them all. 03448801263. Unfortunately they are shut until 2nd January so you’d not be able to start it over the Christmas break. Good Luck, I hope you get it.

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