Kiss and Mac up!

4 thoughts on “Kiss and Mac up!”

  1. I agree, plus anything that is easy to draft like rectangular cuffs and straight facings. I mean what is the point? Takes longer the cut the damn things out. I am going to do the SWAP too. You have inspired me to give it a go. Still haven’t decided which way round all my fabrics will go though but I do have the colours picked out and actually have some fabrics in the house that I can use already. Happy New Year to you and Dawn. May 2018 be filled with more super sewing and Steampunk shenanigans. All the best. Xx

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    1. SHENANIGANS TO ALL! I’ll be cutting out in a bit- I have to just start, as I want to use multiple fabrics for so many items, and have no idea if I have enough until I just crack on!


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