Mac and Jeez! [Warning- GIF heavy!]

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  1. “Good enough, and may you live in interesting times if you think otherwise!” HAHAHAHA _ I’m going to take that with me as a motto in 2018! Hope you two have a great New Year, and an awesome 2018!


  2. Eh I think some fabrics are pretty much impossible to get flat in the corners, if you think about the geometry of it. And no one ever notices when you’re wearing the garment!

    I find the construction a bit brain breaking and have made a little paper model to play with before starting…

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    1. Double welts or piped buttonholes are actually easier- the issue here was the welt didn’t fit the hole, so had to be smooshed at the sides. Meh. Turns out the belt position slightly overlaps the pockets anyway…indicating they should be lower. Next time lol

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  3. I tremble at the though of sewing welt pockets. Your seem fine. I don’t know who it was that said it but I remember a saying about the “2-foot rule” i.e. if you can’t see the perceived mistake at a distance of two feet then no one else will. I think that when we sew we can be too hard on ourselves in pursuit of perfection. 🙂 Xx

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  4. Stop beating yourself up immediately! The pocket looks fine – and only you are going to be looking at it under a microscope. Virtual pat on the back for making amazing pockets 👏

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