Frilled to Bits!

So, the new iron [aka Big Pearl] is duly ensconced on her shiny new ironing board cover, tank filled, and ready to go. THe SWAP has moved along very nicely, and some new fabrics are screaming at me to either cut them out, or pre-wash them [those gorgeous oooollld silks make my hand itch, so … Continue reading Frilled to Bits!

Life in the Fast Lani

SWAP 2018, Style Arc Lani tunic, various oddments of jersey plus pin-tucked silvergrey taffeta This one was a beast to cut out [see my earlier adventures in this post] but very satisfying on the hardly-any-waste front.  The pattern itself was sent to me by Style Arc after I commented on the problems I had with … Continue reading Life in the Fast Lani

De-stash? Hardly…

Good intentions, ah yes, I have those.  The SWAP-based destashing is going well, using up yardage and remnants galore.  SO of course, fate intervenes, despite the abject poverty of January. When lovely kind fellow sewers offer me yardage that they no longer want, it’s hard to refuse- especially when it’s GORGEOUS!  First all these lovely … Continue reading De-stash? Hardly…

Sharing Platt-ers

SWAP 2018, Vogue 1415 [again] Tom & Linda Platt.  Black silky woven fabric [poly?] with a raised swirly pattern. Yes, this pattern’s getting some serious use for this SWAP!  I originally made this top in blue/teal ‘scratched’ velvet from The Italian Textile Company on eBay, and I wear it to DEATH.  Version 2, was the … Continue reading Sharing Platt-ers

Back to Black

SWAP 2018 #2:  Vogue 8793, Katherine Tilton T shirt.  Black jersey with mesh detail collar. A very simple make which I managed to complicate by not paying enough attention to the pattern pieces.  I glanced at the method for attaching the double collar, then just zoomed ahead, bagging out the two collars.  The realised I’d … Continue reading Back to Black

Stripe Tease

SWAP 2018 #:  KwikSew 4173 tunic, black/grey/white stripey mystery knit The hardest part of this top was origami-folding the pattern pieces when I cut it out!  The fabric is a super lightweight, super stretchy knit. possibly viscose[?] that was given to me by the lovely and generous Kim [The Material Lady]  on one of our … Continue reading Stripe Tease

Gather ye rosebuds…

SWAP 2018 #4:  Vogue 9114 [Kathryn Brenne] skirt in reclaimed black taffeta. A simple shape, with a  little bit of Victorian-inspired draping at the sides, which is achieved with internal ties.  This is a very simple sew, and I was pleased to see the style is achieved with internal bustle points, as it means it … Continue reading Gather ye rosebuds…