Easy Piece-y

SWAP 2018 #4:  Butterick 6287 pieced tunic.  Using print and red fabrics salvaged from much-loved dresses, and scraps of black viscose jersey. Fabric-wise, this is a complete nightmare.  The print is an unidentified poly from the market, quite slinky and silky but with medium heft.  The red embossed [sweater knit?] was another market find from … Continue reading Easy Piece-y


…is two parcels of loveliness! A lovely lady on The Sewing Place just sent me some delicious fabrics which have been lying in deep stash for some years.  She wanted them to be used, not lost in time, so offered them to me.  I snapped them up!  They arrived this morning, and are already singing … Continue reading Happiness…

Tilton at Windmills

Vogue 8793, Katherine Tilton.  Black viscose jersey with mesh detail on collar SWAP 2018 #2 First time I made this was in my zebra print, with mesh sleeves.  I originally made the two-layer collar in black and white contrast, but decided it looked rather vicar-y, removed it and added a plain neck binding.  I kept … Continue reading Tilton at Windmills

Platt du Jour

Vogue 1415, Tom and Linda Platt tunic SWAP 2018 #1 Cut from a red stretch velvet remnant which limited the length of both bodice and sleeves [which is fine, I’m 5’3″ and despite having monkey arms, like my sleeves a tad short]  The velvet was originally purchased to make a Xmas nightshirt for my daughter … Continue reading Platt du Jour

Cheap Frills

Go on, you  KNEW I wouldn’t be able to sideline this baby didn’t you?  Not a garment that is going to be assembled in a hurry of course, this is what I’ve been up to… I assembled the princess-seamed upper section, tried it on and tweaked it in a tiny bit under my bum.  Then … Continue reading Cheap Frills

Mac Gizmo

The buttons arrived, and I rejoiced- they are LOVELY.  Then I got an email saying no buckles in stock at Simplicity…now I’d ordered from them because [a] there don’t seem to be many nice 2″ buckles out there [b] there are even fewer silver-tones 2″ buckles [c] there only seems to be ONE that will … Continue reading Mac Gizmo