Cut to the bone…

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  1. I’d generally use a laptop for reading so you don’t need to worry on my account, love! I’m loving the way your cutting out is all coming together and look forward to seeing the results over the next….period of time.
    I’m with you on trousers.

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  2. I am thinking of doing swap in the same way. Just making things and putting them together at the end. Or not.

    The flouncy skirt is so exciting. I wouldn’t have thought it had a circle in it. Dying to see more!

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    1. Yes- please come back from the Land of Knitting! I knew those flounces would be from doughnuts [professional term lol] but I’m fascinated by the rectangular ‘band’ pieces. I’ll be unable to resist starting it soon to take my mind off the misery of going back to work [and going through those awful mock results lol] I’ll be blogging the hell out of the construction I think. There are THREE different sized doughnut flounces, upper and lower skirt segments, and a heap of long rectangular ‘bands’. Just hope I can fit my barrel belly into it


  3. Another fabric meanie here. Why we both spend time fiddling pieces out of odd shaped scraps and hoard fabric mountains is probably a case for investigation by some earnest phd in a psychology dept. I can’t explain it. The skirt though! Do the skirt first!

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  4. Absolutely amazing use of scraps. It is a pain not knowing what to do with left-overs. So many patterns overestimate the amount of fabric that you need. I always try to squeeze stuff onto shorter lengths. Not always possible. I am so looking forward to seeing all these garments together. They look like they will be super-stylish just from the fabrics alone. Xx

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