Cut to the Quick…or to the Slow

12 thoughts on “Cut to the Quick…or to the Slow”

  1. Huh, bias cut in stretch fabric–maybe it’s just the odds and a way to conserve yardage as opposed to some practical use of bias cut like in wovens…? I keep envisioning knits at that angle and they sort of dangle in my mind.

    Good for you for the mend and make do with the bits and bobs sitting around–may the money-and-goods faery notice and reward you with what you would like!

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    1. Lol we all know the end result will be me rewarding myself with miles of pricey fabric rofl I think that the bias is for wovens, I ignore it for stretch fabric…especially velvet, all that wonky nap? not for me


  2. Isn’t it just the best thing to ‘only just’ fit a pattern onto available fabric. It really appeals to my thrifty northern upbringing.
    Conversely, it’s absolutely sh*t when it doesn’t work.
    Good work Fairy 😃.

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    1. just got two pairs of trousers and another top cut out- rather faster this time, despite needing to chop 3″ off the body length on one pair of trousers- they’ll be getting a wide ‘yoga’ waistband to compensate!


  3. You have a great eye for unusual patterns, I live Watch no your creations bloom into wonderful things. Looking forward to seeing this latest batch take shape. Hoping you have a great 2018.

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      1. Whoops, having re-read my correction I’m feeling even more red face. Think I’ll call it quits before I’m too embarrassed to ever comment again. 😱

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