Short Cut

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    1. lol I always cut out in bulk- I love it normally, but this was a pain because of all the restrictions [self set so it serves me right]. This way, I can either sew by colour to save on overlocker re threads, or sew by mood- fast jobs or slower ones. Works for me!


  1. Glad the bulk cutting works for you. I can deal with 2 or 3 but after that I just find the zip lock baggies with the cut pieces months or years later. There’s a nice skirt I cut out in the late 1990s somewhere!

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  2. A great idea to cut everything out ready to go! I’ve just finished the daisy trousers and they’re great, but the pocket placement is about 1.5 – 2 inches too low unless you have orangutan arms – i’d strongly recommend checking the position on your body before following the recommended placement 😉
    I do remember coming across at least one other person mentioning the same issue…

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