Mac Gizmo

12 thoughts on “Mac Gizmo”

  1. You have such sewing adventures! I hope it all works out well for you. Every time I see this pattern photo, it feels like the eyebrows have moved somewhat in looking at me…

    Oh, and I am bummed that when I go to Shams’ site )which sounds so interesting) all the photo links come up broken for me. It must be tech stuff of my system blocking too much and not allowing cookies or something. I hope I can fix it–

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  2. Thank you! It’s a relief that you, with your vast sewing experience, need to adjust things a bit. I’m finally done with my son’s coat (even wrote a post about it!), but there were times I just wanted to bin the whole thing. Thankful I didn’t as he’s been living in it, but there was much grumblig. So I feel for you, but it seems like you’ve landed on your feet. As always. And looking forward ti the mac-in-action photos. 😁

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  3. Still laughing at ‘size matters’! Of course it does – haven’t you learned anything!!!!
    I’m sure I saw some massive snaps on one of the market stalls and surely bigger would be easier to cover. I’ll check my stash if you want as I’m sure I have some.

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