Platt du Jour

35 thoughts on “Platt du Jour”

      1. Times change and bodies do too–way back then I was SO judgmental about weight and attractiveness and all that, my own and that of others, and now have a lot more compassion and appreciation for life and living beings.

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      2. Yup–I think preferences are okay, especially when they are not made to shame or blame others or self. Lots of mileage, lots of varying–and sure, that can be a coy quip on the mileage of the arse in necessary…!

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  1. This red look gorgeous on you. The fabric drapes perfectly & skims your body it doesn’t kling to it. Can’t the price either.
    So definitely a win with fit, color, price, pattern.

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    1. Thank you! It is nice to wear something that feels good all day- no pulling or tugging to get it to lie right- and I thought the fabric would be full of static and all clingy. I may have to buy more in some of the other colours still on offer!


  2. OK you’ve inspired me. I’ve had a piece of red stretch velvet in my stash for over 10 years and never figured out what to do with it, as I don’t usually need dressy clothes. Obviously it needs to be an everyday top. Thanks for the inspiration, your top is lovely!


  3. The top looks terrific, especially in that gorgeous red….I already have the pattern, just need to fine the right fabric, thank you. I really enjoy your blogs – you give me so many “outside the box” ideas.

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  4. Fabulous top great colour and also a great idea to leave the tree up. It’s always such a shame that we throw away trees when they still have their needles. I have that pattern somewhere. I must dig it out and give it a go.

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    1. The tree is artificial, but a good ‘un! Wedecidied about three years back now that it’s just too miserable when it’s put away, right at the gloomiest part of the year, with bugger all to look forward to. We sail through January now, the missus used to get really bad S.A.D. but this is a great distraction. It’s a particularly fab tree which helps! [We buy only special new ornaments, one or two per year, so it already has a lot of memories for us both, plus really old ones from my mum’s tree


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