Easy Piece-y

9 thoughts on “Easy Piece-y”

  1. It’s sooooo satisfying when you can create something from ‘leftovers’ so it feels free. Same when it all comes together in the kitchen like that as well!

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  2. It’s beautiful! Another example of you successfully piecing things I wouldn’t dare to try putting together! I am so impressed and so jealous! Maybe if I watch you do this often enough your go-for-it attitude will rub off on me… across the Atlantic!

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    1. Of course it will- it’s a great pattern, the piecing is all sorted for you, all you have to do is choose the fabrics. If they look nice together, give it a go. Especially when using reclaimed stuff like this, what’s to lose? This really is a flattering shape as well- nice fit over chest and shoulders, and plenty of flare to disguise the middle [if you need that lol I certainly do!] I’ve just finished the black skirt, and I’m happy that they work together as I hoped. Pics soon, daylight allowing!


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