Life in the Fast Lani

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  1. I like that, with the parti-coloured theme. I’m glad you made it work for you, and can see how the one pocket might feel a little sideways in not having a mate.

    Those trousers do indeed look like they merit a remake–if only the waistlines of bodies could be painlessly and easily adjusted to fit all our old stuff! I have piles of things that looked ace on me in the 1980s and before, and which would not even fit over my head or up one leg now, and I was never a small person, nor am I enormous now, just clearly bigger all around. It boggles my mind that somehow a couple-few stone is enough to do it–oh, and not as much muscle tone as when I did martial arts all the time!

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      1. Yeah, I can’t tell you my weight even within…twenty-thirty pounds probably, so clothes fitting would be the indicator for me. I have simply become such a bum the last few years with sweatpants and tat that I have lost track. Granted, it has been illness contributing, but when i do gothy events to read tarot I find that I wear much more the giant Peter Murphy teeshirts and elastic giant dark skirts than anything corsety and femme–and i really should be getting my act together since we just opened the new office downtown in Woodstock NY, Granted, the clientele is more on the hippie side these days, and very casual, but there are still very gothy/alternative folks, and the odd famous person, and so I need to lurch into looking good all the time. As they say in the very diverting little white book that accompanies the Ludy Lescot tarot on a card about making great personal growth, “not today, however”.


      2. Agreed–yanno, I just don’t have the oomph sometimes, and it’s so very cold here lately that it’s all crap clothes, all the time, for sheer self-preservation. I am delighted they actually make longjohns in black now!

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