SWAP so far- going strong

5 thoughts on “SWAP so far- going strong”

  1. I love the little collage and it comes across at this distance as all grey and fuschia and black and pussycat. The stripey top probably is stripier when larger than 3/4 inch by 3/4 inch or so. I am having Vivienne-Westwood-at-her-prime fantasies about that plaid, with some pre-disgrace Galliano in there. I also get ideas of a trench coat with the math fabric as lining, so one could whip it out and shock the punters somehow…and yes, I have had only coffee today, by the bucket. Why do you ask?????????????????????????

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    1. I went black about the ‘pussycat’ for a minute there lol I found the teeny thumbnail size quite useful to see if it comes across as a collection, which is the key thing here. The Westwood/Galliano thing is bang on. Westiano? Galliwood? Woodigal? [ooh now I’m distracted by Gal Gadot…]

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