Flounce in a Lifetime

19 thoughts on “Flounce in a Lifetime”

  1. I have to confess I was secretly hoping for lumberjack suspenders towards the end there.

    Good for you to figure out the SUPERDIFFICULT-SOUNDING thing. You do such great work, and none of it sounds easy!

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  2. There’s a lot to be said for making whatever makes your heart sing, and flouncing away in a flouncy dream just because you can sounds like all the reason needed. And I love your sense of humour. The puns! Wish the news were like that, at least at times. 😄

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    1. lol that’s good- it’s COMPLICATED! Actually not that bad once you start, but I couldn’t have worked it out just from the diagrams or the pieces…it’s impossible to work it out once you’re wearing it too! Make one, it will frill you lol


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