Up the Cut

12 thoughts on “Up the Cut”

  1. I bought the tunic pattern on e-bay after I saw it
    on you blog. Later I found one that I adore in
    my OWN massive supply that is not exactly like
    8434 so I can make both (SURE I can). v-7828

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    1. oooh that’s nice! I made a similar shape on years ago, and it didn’t work for me [having no waist]…I think I’ll get away with the 8434 because of the length and drapiness of it. I hope.


  2. Love the trousers will wait & see how you do with them before I try.
    Also V8434 is gorgeous & I have 2 perfect fabrics for that in stash. looks like I see how you do with that as well

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      1. I know if it makes you nuts to put together then I’ll back away quick. Wish we lived closer I think we’d have some fun sewing things up.

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