On the Tulle Road

17 thoughts on “On the Tulle Road”

      1. You know I won’t suggest anything really practical–except maybe attach some tasty treats to the top edge and have some helpful birds lift it up while you trim it. They get the snacks plus something to put on their CV, and you get the work done. Easy!

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  1. The nicest floaty soft tulle I’ve ever used is Dreamweave. 3m wide and available in a huge colour range. Love it, no need for overlocking or hemming… what’s not to love?😊 Oh yes, the cutting out, too wide to fit on the table. 😒


    1. it was a terrible job- I got so hot and bothered I had to strip down and just keep crawling round and round it. trying to straighten it out! It does seem to be a nice texture though, and I have no intention of hemming it!


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