MOB Rule

Squee! I’m making no announcements, no, not me, but I am considering these four [so far] for a CERTAIN EVENT this time next year. Now that’s just from the designer collections…more to come! [FYI The header pic is me and the missus at youngest daughter’s wedding, 6 years ago] Continue reading MOB Rule

Attaboy Atacac!

This morning,  I read this brilliant post by ErnieK, and discovered yet another diversion and temptation!  And of course, being interesting, geometrical…and FREE, I downloaded seven of them.  SEVEN. Here’s the company link if you want to see what they’re all about, and here’s the link to the free patterns. No particular plan to print these … Continue reading Attaboy Atacac!

Three-Year Blogiversary!

Blimey, that’s a lot of blog posts!  I’ve been looking at the stats so kindly collated by WordPress. 552 posts:  that’s 3.5 PER WEEK.  Blimey. 235,265 views 42077 visitors- lots of you keep coming, thanks! 562 followers-I still don’t really know if this is horribly small, or pretty OK for a rambling self-indulgent blog like … Continue reading Three-Year Blogiversary!

Kimono-ver to My Place!

I’ve had this pattern for ages, and first made it up from a light lime green second-hand kimono for the missus.  She liked it, never wore it, and has now outgrown it.  Hey ho. It’s a lovely pattern, one of the now defunct [I think] ‘Vogue Woman’ range, V8434, which had slightly more mature proportions, … Continue reading Kimono-ver to My Place!