‘Pant’-ing Towards the Finishing Line…

22 thoughts on “‘Pant’-ing Towards the Finishing Line…”

  1. Hmm. You’re old enough; remember the song “Things that make you go ‘hmm'”? I have that pattern. Thanks to Joanns I have a gazumpty katrillion patterns. I have been lukewarm about their baggy enormity, but that gather on the side is looking far more intriguing in real life than I’d ever given it credit for. If I made that shape the hem on the pants (an elongated angled line that starts as a oval cut in) I might be happy. Or a really funky hobbit. And at this point in my life, I can go either way.
    Thanks for this. Pinning to the ‘funky pants’ department.

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  2. I’m not seeing these as an at all unflattering look on you, especially with the closer fitting black top. Maybe just unfamiliar? And yes, very interesting pattern, I hadn’t looked closely at it before.


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    1. Thanks, twice! The hair is in desperate need of a cut, but I’m liking the colour too. I’ve been toning it down to ashy/beigey blonde, in the hope I can grow out and let it go grey- but my roots are still too pepper & salt to let it go yet. I cycle between some of the lightest shades on the Preference range, mainly 10.1 and 10.21, with occasional 01 and 9.1. Makes it look highlighted!

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  3. I love, love, love the look of those trousers! They’re absolutely awesome, I love that fabric and the colour, and can I steal your shoes? (No, wait, there’s no way they’ll fit – but I do want a pair like them!) The ruching thing/upside—down pocket on the lower leg is genious. Looks so funky and gives shape. Actually, these remind me of some former favourite trousers of mine, made in a very soft and drapey red baby cord. I might have to splurge on this pattern… Don’t know how you got the idea these are not flattering, you look fabulous!


    1. lol thanks for the enthusiasm- I must admit, I keep reaching for them, so they def feel good to wear! The shoes are dying unfortunately- the kind that can’t be re-soled. they are actually HAIRY which makes me absurdly happy, very odd things!


    1. Lol I’m as cool as a black of lard, but thanks! They feel good to wear, I just need to try them with various tunics to see if they look too pyjama-like, then they may well enter the SWAP. Another pair in black would be very useful, I must admit.


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