Attaboy Atacac!

24 thoughts on “Attaboy Atacac!”

  1. Ohhh— you are an evil woman. Inviting us to chase down this rabbit hole with you. Can you see the dagger eyes I’m at flashing you? and oopsy daisy, there I go- down the rabbit hole….

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      1. Am thinking of printing and assembling the patterns and figuring out by what % they need scaling up to accommodate a more “generous” form. I’ll either do that and reprint at home or see if the local print shop can do it more efficiently. The designs are worth a bit of effort:)

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      2. This is what I’m planning to do. We’ll see what transpires! I think we need a challenge for it though- I’ll have a think on a nice generous timeline, and we’ll see what transpires!


  2. I love these but noticed that they are cut n the *ahem* slim side. They are the sort of styles that are probably not the best suited to the uber-busty (like me) but I do love the designs and might just make one for Sprogzilla, even then there will be a bit of finagling involved to get it to fit. Looks like great fun though. Thanks for sharing these patterns. Xx

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  3. Oh wow. I am so tempted to follow you down this particular rabbit hole, although the fact that they’re unisex patterns gives me pause because of hips and boobs and such like things.

    I’m very taken with the Screw trousers. I’m guessing the breeches are Dawn’s pick but not sure about the rest 🙂


    1. Breeches AND screw trousers for D [I like the screw trousers too though]. We both like the various tops, but it will all be tested out to see if the scaling up is feasible or not. Issues of bums and boobs MIGHT be OK as most of the garments end up spiralling round the body, so bias will be helpful. I think there are enough people intrigued to make a challenge out of this…now I have to find out how to make a ‘badge’ thingy!

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  4. I love the breeches! I don’t have much of a waist/hip ratio, so if I can scale them up to fit round my flanks, I should be laughing. Thanks for pointing these out!

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