Good Afternoon

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  1. Do you pull it over your head or do the buttons fasten? I’m picturing it in a soft rayon batik and un-tucked for warmer days. Would you ever consider a print and just use one button? My British husband cannot fathom asymmetrical closings or garden design so maybe it’s just me being a fashion rebel. Yes, you truly need more of these tops! Great job!


    1. It pulls on. It needs to be a soft fabric for sure, although you COULD cut the fronts on the bias, making the edges of the pointy button flap on the straight grain… I am considering a print RIGHT NOW lol let’s see if I can squeeze it out


  2. This is absolutely gorgeous. Very smart casual. I do like your double button front. I have coveted this pattern from afar as it looks really great and quite simple. I am off to investigate further. You might just have talked me into it. 🙂 Xx

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