Victory playlist! 2of2

16 thoughts on “Victory playlist! 2of2”

  1. We listened to the MC Hammer when I was a kicboxer in Newcastle, longlong ago–and the Animals song when I was stuck taking cae of someone’s condo in a senior community near the very polluted NJ Turnpike for the last few years before we moved here last year. Good tunes!

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      1. Seriously–nothing like having them change completely in order to look back and wonder if you were completely on them as complete thought-and-behaviour-control drugs your whole life–

        I don’t understand the people my age and older who want to continute the insanity by getting lots of extra hormones. I can understand gender transition and taking them then, even though that can be superhard hormonally, but I am glad the vast majority of the time that I am not the kind of sincere maniac I used to be.

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      2. I sort of had the odd transition of having been dead a couple of times before and after the process, and so I sort of get confused about what was good about it and what was brain spasms–

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      3. I’m watching the baby squirrels and chipmunks in the yard today, and they are big enough to look like minis of their brand and yet they act like they just got here–so adorable to watch. The main thing even the adults seem to do is play–they chase each other, eat the food, chase some more, really so cute. They actually plop down onto the cement if they are tired or hot, which I never knew before. I saw one chippie lying flat out in the seeds, back legs stuck out to the sides, stuffing the seeds into his or her chops with both front paws and arms. It was hysterical. My kind of chipmunk!

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