Flower Power

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  1. You could wear that for selfies here in Woodstock NY, and people would love it. We take our old hippie-esque stuff seriously–


  2. I love this skirt! I’d be wearing this everyday.
    Perfect for summer nights sitting around a bonfire on the beach.

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  3. Love it, I like long skirts. If you hadn’t told us nobody would have known that it was a duvet. It looks great on you, now all you need is summer.

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  4. I like that a lot and given how conservatively I usually dress that will probably put you off wearing it ever again 😂

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  5. This is absolutely gorgeous. I do love how the pattern just peeps out from the godets and what a good use of an old duvet cover. They are useful for fabric. There is just so much in there. The fabric isn’t great but I keep eyeing up the duvet covers in Asda as they have some great prints (astronaut cats or unicorns and rainbows). They would be much cheaper to make a dress from than regular fabric. Your garden is looking stunning. Xx

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    1. The garden is looking great…from afar but the rain and heat and neglect have made the weeds waist
      high…lots to do, and I can’t help much as it’s so steep it wrecks my hips. Gah. I do want another skirt, even though it betrayed me in a sharp gust of wind today…

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