Great Okis from Little Acorns…

11 thoughts on “Great Okis from Little Acorns…”

  1. Both lovely replies to get, and I’m glad that her patterns are being purchased by more people. I’ve had my eye on the shirt pattern for a while. I get bored of seeing the same basic patterns being fawned over (not on this blog!), when the pattern could easily be traced from a Primark purchase ! So it’s good to see a unique designer getting more recognition.

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    1. Absolutely! If I see one more ‘Indie’ designer making bloody plain T shirts hoodies and leggings I think I might scream! I mean, INTERNET people, look at what’s already there. The sole selling point for most of them is they go to very very large sizes…

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  2. I own several of oki’s patterns and have always been disappointed not to see her designs get the exposure that they should – it was great to see the joker shirt come together so well and it does look gorgeous on Dawn. Hopefully we’ll see more okistyle makes popping up around the place now (which does remind me – I have a half-finished Okistyle project waiting for me in my pile of ufos – perhaps i’ll finish it up this weekend…).

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      1. The Helena jumpsuit – the only problem is I put it aside at some point (made a mistake with the placket that needs fixing) and have since gained some weight – thinking I might have to finish it for my sister now rather than myself unfortunately… 🙁

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  3. How wonderful that you sent your post makes to the pattern creator & that she sent such nice replys back to you. It’s always good to know there is a “real person” behind the patterns & that they care about any concerns, questions & compliments the purchaser has. Frankly I get tired of how some of the Indi pattern co keep coming out with the same patterns as each other. What are we lemmings. I sew because I don’t want to wear what everyone else is wearing. Thank goodness for pattern designers willing to design out of the box – put a little spice in their desings. How thrilling to possibly be a pattern tester for this lady. And now the BIG question what new patterns did you buy?

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    1. Wait and see lol Yes I agree with the lemmings- sick of T shirts, legings, skater dresses ad infinitum. Not even any style lines to make life interesting. Forum after forum of new folk to sewing [which is great, don’t get me wrong] and none of them making anything they couldn’t get at Primark as you said. Weird.


  4. She is just lovely–I corresponded with her when I was working on the muslin for the Joker with some feedback about terminology, and she was very gracious in her reply. It’s a fabulous shirt, and as soon as I pick up some white cotton, I’m going to make a proper version. Your wife’s fits a treat.

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