Cutting Edge

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  1. My service not bringing in the pics right now. Small retirement town! Will check on those later. But I could wrote your first few paragraphs! Not for new job purposes but for where I now live. I end up not blogging my recent makes because I’m just in a hurry to get some things done for 3 months of high heat. I use thrift as altered clothing or trims for said alterations. I also went through my closet and donating some polyester things back to thrift! Then I also went through all my stash and started matching items up as I kept forgetting what I had!

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    1. lol sometimes the matching up game helps you to see what’s mising-I seem to sew in colour blocks quite often, which is good because it generates a mini wardrobe in itself. I automatically gravitate towards colours and styles which suit me [on the whole] but there’s always a slight imbalance towards tops or bottoms that are needed most lol

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