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  1. Oh no!!! How does that happen – things actually disappearing into thin air. Having said that my machine comes with a needle threader which worked perfectly for a few weeks, then once I change the needle packed up and has never worked since (and this was an expensive brand new machine). I couldn’t bring myself to take it back to the shop or for a service for such a small thing, but maybe I need to do that now.

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    1. Well of course, despite scouring a very small room, as soon as I ordered new ones, the ruddy thing turned up in absolute plain view, right where I’d been looking. Damn those sewing gnomes! Shall I send you one of the ones I’ve ordered?

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      1. On the other hand if you hadn’t ordered a new one the original would not have turned up. It’s a law of physics – Schroedinger’s cat or something like that. I once did the same thing with a lost library book and ended up with 3 copies of one dull (but sadly expensive) book.

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      2. Gotta say, I was 100% confident you’d find your fancy doomajiggie as soon as you ordered not one, but two replacements!

        I have to say (too lazy to go back in posts to find previous recommendations), I’ve never heard of this thingie. Is this for a machine that doesn’t have an automatic threader-whose-its? I did not know it existed, but if my threader-whose-its dies, I hope my squirely brain retains this discovery.

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      3. Yep the little doodad threads machine needles, a hook for snagging the thread [useful for the overlocker] and at the other end has a nifty little holder for inserting needles as well. Very useful for fumble-fingered me! The desktop threader that I adore is for hand sewing needles, a wondrous beast!

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  2. Glad it turned up…always a good thing to have spares if the truly indispensable stuff too. I knew you had something for threading hand sewing needles but didn’t realise there was a machine one. I tend to rely on tweezers and licking the end of the thread 🙂

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      1. The Clover desktop one works for me, and then it Stops. Utterly Stops. Waves it’s little plastic hand in the air like it just don’t care. Bollocks indeed. I am glad the heir and the spares will be threading for you.

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      2. Lol some needles it threads with its hands behind its back, some you have to wiggle and jiggle and swear at. Still easier than trying any other method! I love the thing to death.


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