Frida Birds…

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    1. lol no kindness at all, just sorry I took so long- It’s a nice outfit for a casual feel, I don’t think it’s work-worthy though! [Although the blouse got me the new job, so I’m very fond of it] Thank you for the opportunity to let my inner Frida out!


  1. The penguin is a great touch, so complementary to the skulls in your new skirt. I have noted a lack of monkeys in the Frieda homage pictures so far (a good thing in balance). Surely you can work headdresses into your work life, perhaps a small decorated pin to start, then the next week a tiny porn pom, and before you know it all the teachers will be tucking a flower behind one ear?


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  2. I wish I could post a photo here as I used the same fabric for a shirt for a friend. Claude is the Con Chair of a SciFi relaxicon called Concave. Every year I make Claude two shirts and my husband and I are rewarded with free memberships. As Claude does not want mundane shirts, I have a great time making shirts (and if I have enough fabric, Barista aprons of matching fabric for his wife, who runs the Consuite) with very interesting fabric–my choice considering his tastes, of course. I chose that fabric in 2015 and love it. Darn if it doesn’t make a great Frida skirt too.

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