Steamy Windows!

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  1. Dear Elaine,

    I live in Belgium and I’ve been trying so hard to find your email address but… in vain ^.^

    I discovered your lovely blog after I found you by coincidence on simply because it seems that I’m sewing the same coat (well a shorter version ^.^) you already sewn for your lovely wife in 2017 and since yours is a great success, I had a big question about it and I thought that maybe you are the most qualified person to help me since you sewn it too… and it appeared that I discovered, past the seamstress, an incredibly amazing person that is worth the detour (well, it’s a French expression so I hope it sounds good in English too) ^.^

    I hope I’ll have the chance to read you soon and, until then, all the best to you and your family ^.^

    Have a wonderful day,


    P.S : Since I’m having troubles with my email box at the moment, the email address provided is my mom’s until I can fix the problem with mine (certainly in one or two days… ^.^) so feel free to send message to this email address in the meantime of course.


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