What Kind of….

15 thoughts on “What Kind of….”

  1. Love the design of the SALT jacket, but isn’t it such hard work when you have to alter patterns to fit….especially when there are design features to consider. And isn’t it weird when things turn out absolutely enormous, when you are using a pattern company that you think you know. Just finished something that I didn’t have to alter at all from the pattern – rarely happens that I don’t need to make changes and it’s such a relief!

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  2. Argh! To my eye the problem with the Melody is the sleeves. Seems like it needs even slimmer ones.

    Glad you managed to save the green and gold top. It looks great.

    Looking forward to seeing the results of the Okistyle experiment. I agree, I expected the fronts to work the way you described. But I guess the back drapes nicely and presumably that’s symmetrical so maybe it’ll all work out when buttoned?


    1. The back is totally asymmetric…I suspect that the fronts only pouch out because she’s sort of puffing her chest out to keep them there. I don’t think that would work over my lumps. IN reality, I would probably never button it up, but it’s now officially a puzzle!

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  3. I always think the photos of a garment are going to be more revealing than the line drawings, but this disproves that idea. The line drawing of of the Oki Style shows the puffy parts between the buttons on both sides of center front. In the photo they didn’t puff the fronts out to match each other, so it’s not so clear… What’s a girl to do?


  4. Oh my so sorry about the tunic. It is a lovely fabric though. The last top I made was rather stiff. Although I liked the fabric it would have sat better on me with some drape. I hope you can work out something with that jacket. It looks really cool. Like you say I would think that one on the fronts would have to be flat so the other side could be bumpy – one short and correct and one longer. I’ve bee having some technical difficulties with my wordpress so I haven’t been getting notifications of new posts as I like so catching up here I just want to say how much I look forward to yand love your Steampunk posts. I emailed your’s to my sister too. I like looking at the clothes and she likes the motorcycles and dogs! 😁

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  5. The stripey seemed doomed from the start by the unnaturally teeny collar points, to my view, appended in the pattern to something that didn’t make sense with it. The stripey matching looks superb though. Hmm. I have no helpful hints for you. Sorry. Good luck with it all.

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