Feeling Waspish?

21 thoughts on “Feeling Waspish?”

  1. I love this skirt, also don’t do halter necks either, but the bottom part is fabulous. What kind of material would you suggest? I would be up for a challenge, but I am nowhere near as quick sewing as you seem to be.


  2. I’d love to have a go at this – change the halter top into something a little more covering, but I’m knee deep in Linton tweeds and wools at the moment (and marking!).
    Go for it and see what happens….

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  3. Am picturing a dress with a simple sleeveless top in the pale yellow cotton organdie. This could be considered season appropriate for those of us who live upside down. Sad I can’t realistically commit to anything else before Christmas as the challenge would be fun.

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  4. That one doesn’t do it for me. It’s a big ruffle with wire and horsehair, sewn on the slant. Also no free time to screw around with it.
    I have never made the finished Dogstar 6Nap; the model I made I could never fit into, purely a ‘fits the dress form’ creation. And frankly, it’s really not my style. That said, I ADORED working it out. It was a fun puzzle and my brain loves those.
    I will look forward to your creations, though. Always love that.


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