Party Line

7 thoughts on “Party Line”

    1. it looks very pink in the photo but is actually more bluey greeny with pinky highlights. I like it anyway, and holding it next to my clothes on the wardrobe, nothing complained or offended the eye! I was actually thinking ‘these are very Kate colours’ lol I’ll be lining it in white so I think the colours will show better that way

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  1. I get your pink issues (my mother felt that way about red. Someone tries to make you wear it because CUTE and ….ew) but if I wear a pink accent, it confuses my enemies and makes me stronger. And my pink SheHulk tshirt says everything I need it to say. PINK THIS SUCKER.

    I look forward to seeing the Platt worked up on a real person.
    You are real, right? 😉

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  2. Nothing feels as nice as lined clothes sewn well! Love the silk chiffon! Do you ever feel just because people know you can sew, you feel obligated to wear your own creations to parties and gatherings? Sometimes there is an invisible pressure to look stunning and it takes the joy out of the creativity…speaking for myself. Can’t wait to see your asymmetrical dress!!!


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