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  1. I’ve heard that two piece sleeves are far more comfortable as they generally fit better, so I think that would be a welcome addition to the pattern for your cashmere coat. You’re really teasing us with this coat! I’m longing to see it!
    Yep, I’d planned to make a coat for Designin December, but haven’t got far with it. In fact precisely nowhere. Still all of 2019 awaits!

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  2. You’re doing way more than me – although I cut a Style Arc Toni out today to try to get moving again. The fabric was so deep stash I had to wrestle a pension book off it 🙄

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  3. Dogstar challenge? Paper wasp dress? Internet search is not satisfactory. More info, please……( I mean, the 6 Napoleons made my summer)


      1. Aha. I have seen that. And I have some fabric like that, in blue, and it drove me insane. I can’t give it away because I keep thinking I have a project for it. This must be that project. Once again, it’s just not something I am ever going to wear. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to take a swing at it. If only in theory…..

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      2. I think a improvisational approach will work for this. It wants wrinkles, which is a welcome change for me.
        I did not finish the 6 Napoleons dress, because I made it from stuff that didn’t fit me (the bodysuit I basted the skirt onto was four full sizes under mine). I was only testing a theory, not making something for myself. I do hope someone I sew for will need one. I keep trying to talk everyone into one. So far, no.

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