Sleevils! Cashmere coat #1

16 thoughts on “Sleevils! Cashmere coat #1”

  1. Absolutely worth it for that gorgeous coating fabric!

    One of the reasons I still trace everything is I prefer working with sturdy paper than flimsy tissue for pattern alterations so I hear you on using the backing 🙂

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  2. I’m very fond of technical terms when pattern altering and sewing: smooshing it flat, skootch it over, snug it in and so forth. I do find these terms work best in a hands-on-class as Spell Check will change them to something else if you’re not careful. Happy New Year everyone!

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  3. Two-piece sleeves are the best. Can’t imagine making a coat with anything else these days, especially if I had invested in cashmere. I now have a favourite two-piece sleeve which I use for all coats and just re-draw the armhole to match.

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    1. I can’t be doing with tracing, seriously life’s too short and I treasure books, not sewing patterns lol the reason they’re printed on tissue is so you can cut the things! Weird how sewing habits have changed over my lifetime. I used to have to trace patterns from old sewing mags in the 90s ad hated it with a passion. Much more fun to just get on with things

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    1. Got the sleeves sorted but then mocked it up in the underlining and the bust with FBA is WAY too big, too low, and rather droopy. Must assume this is because it’s not a ‘misses’ pattern but a ‘W’ size. I only added in what the tissue fit suggested. HOw odd. I’ve tucked a tweak out of CB length, shave a bit off the side fronts and will now go for it, allowing generous seam allowances. Woohoo!

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    1. I’ve had more messing- the FBA seemed to add way too much so I shaved a little of the side front pieces off, not very scientifically, and will trust to the turn of cloth to suck up some more excess. All cut out now and I’ll be sitting basting the underlining to the main pieces later today. The actual sewing will be very simple, no buttonholes, nothing fancy on this baby, it’s all about the fabric!


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