Proud as a Peacock- SWAP 2019

21 thoughts on “Proud as a Peacock- SWAP 2019”

  1. Love this colour scheme! 😍 a little too much green for me personally, but it’s going to look awesome on you 🙌🏻 I know you had muchos success with last year’s collection, so hopefully this year will be the same! I might even do this next year, instead of the make nine… 🤔 oh! And if you’re on a windows machine, use the snipping tool to get yourself a little picture for WordPress. Just type ‘snipping’ in the search bar on the start menu, and you’ll get it. You then just draw around the bit of the screen you want and it’ll save to the desktop as a picture 👍🏻

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    1. I’m ALWAYS forgetting the ruddy snipper! Thanks of course that’s the way out…SWAP is fun for temporary discipline…and as t’s all about colour this year, plus noooooo rules about [must make three of this and no more than two of that blah blah…the worst one for me was when they constrained the number of patterns you could use. I soon got bored!] Go on, give it ago, you’re allll about the colour, and you could set a side rule to use your New York stash up…a bit


  2. Love the tree fabric 😍.
    I really like the idea of SWAPs but I’m really bad at completing any. You seem to have it sorted, and the colours you’ve chosen this time are luscious.

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