11 thoughts on “CELEBRATE!”

  1. Congratulations. Can’t wait to see pictures of your fabulous coat. Red is such a gorgeous uplifting colour. And winning a sewing machine wow. Hope it doesn’t sew fingers. No comment on the maths – I haven’t got over the trauma of having to re-do mathhs 101 at uni nearly 30 years ago!

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  2. An excellent day indeed! And the Pfaff what you won!!!! What can I say? Other than I’ll need a review eventually as I’ve been using mine (like a taxi) for over 20 years so ……

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  3. What a fabulous end to a fabulous day! Woot woot! Have fun playing with your new fabrics and Pfaff, but I am MOST impressed with working out what the heck was wrong with the math question (being beyond exceptionally mathematically challenged). You’re the best of both worlds: a math genius and a creative soul!

    I cannot WAIT to see your new red coat!

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