Cashing In! Cashmere coat #5

21 thoughts on “Cashing In! Cashmere coat #5”

  1. Gorgeous. I looked at this pattern when it was appeared and wondered if was better than the similar Butterick 5966 that I already have. Not sure that I could cope with that long, long zip, though.

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    1. Actually I used a shorter zip than stated so I don’t have to crouch to do it up lol I really like it, the slim skirts are relatively practical, and I think I got the fit pretty good. After wearing for three days, I think I need a few more strategic stitches to keep the lower front facings from rolling out a bit, but that’s a five minute job. It genuinely makes me happy to wear it, and wearing bright red seems to make everyone around happy too…


    1. On the way! I’ve finally selected a pattern from the Japanese hat book which I bought years ago, I’ve worked out what some of the symbols probably mean, and I’ve traced off all the patterns in the book onto my new swiss [or is it swedish?] tracing paper. Me! Tracing! Now I realise I need to retrace the pieces I’m using and make the required changes to them…this book is hard to follow! Still, only three pattern pieces, so it can’t be beyond me. I hope.


  2. Absolutely fabulous. Love the fit and shape. Collar and cuffs really make it special. Looking forward to seeing the hat with a matching muff? Or is that taking luxe too far?
    You’d win playground best dressed (and warmest) hands down.

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    1. I’m going for hat…I did buy a glove pattern recently, and the hat book shows diagrams for attaching a nice gauntlet cuff to existing gloves…so who knows? 2019 will be the year-of-making-things-wot-I-have-never-made. I want to go through all my non-sewn patterns and either chuck ’em or make ’em.


  3. It looks magnificent!
    I know hand stitching the lining round the arm scye is a pain but if you catch it to the main body too it prevents it ripping there the way loose lining is prone to.
    I’m sure playground duty will be more comfortable, as well as more elegant now 😊

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