Hatty Japes

14 thoughts on “Hatty Japes”

    1. I THINK I have it sussed. the diagrams are fairly clear, it’s things like ‘lining’ ‘interfacing’ and ‘petersham’ that were irking me…although clear the diagrams are also awfully small and it’s a pain to have to keep squinting through my magnifying thingy


  1. Mostly right. The word for crown is shown above where it says “M10.5” on the top right diagram (Side Crown, is what it says). I don’t see anything marked for a fold – looks like a single layer cut, unless I’m missing something.

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  2. There’s an online crib for Japanese to English dressmaking terms. I’m away from home and don’t have the link, but maybe someone can chip in? I used it to translate pattern magic instructions, as my book predated the translated version. It did still involve some guesswork but helped.

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  3. I would have hurled the whole thing into a corner and sulked by now. Well done for persisting. I was told that hair spray reduced static cling. Maybe that would help on any of your lining choices?

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  4. Boggle. They make a pattern piece and then you have to add a bit? I can understand it for things like very long trouser legs where they wouldn’t fit on the sheet and you’re just extending a line (Burda does that a lot) but for a hat?

    Definitely have the fur on the top.


    1. lol as it stands I’m putting the fur under the brim [the missus insisted] and it’s nearly finished. It was a bit odd I must admit: the traced pattern piece for the brim is curved, then you extend it to a rectangle [so might as well have just drafted arectangle direct onto the fabric]. The brim is reshaped cleverly, so that it’s narrower at the nape, wide at the fornt, then [for some design reason I don’t get] slightly different depths at the side seams. Ah well, it’s looking good!

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